Snookiz  Blue Heated Booties for MEN- Free Shipping.

Snookiz Blue Heated Booties for MEN- Free Shipping.

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  • WOW! Up to 30 minutes of great soothing & cozy feeling for your feet!
  • Unique lightweight inner sole that preserves the original coziness and walkable feeling of any slipper
  • Snookiz are Machine washable
  • Soft warm comfortable Polyester fabrics
  • Size M 9/10 L 11/12


Product description

Heating your feet efficiently and repeatedly. 
You control the heating level you want or need. 30 seconds in the microwave = 20-30 minutes of warm, cozy feet!
There is no limit on how many times you can reheat the product. Easily reheat as many times as you wish.

LavaTech Inside™ technology. 
Inside each slipper sole, there is a layer of a special earth minerals mixture. A natural substance that is coated on an insert inside the shoe. The LavaTech™ material is heated in the microwave for 30 seconds and generates heat to last up to 30 minutes. 100% environmentally friendly, No Grains, No Gels, No Batteries/wires.

Snookiz is unique with its ability to integrate cutting-edge technology into fashionable, practical and comfortable products; all in order to personalize your heating needs.


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9.5/10 Men – UPC: 7290010478477