Our Story

Our body has a constant need of heat. Especially in low temperatures. We layer ourselves with clothing, avoid lingering outside more than necessary, purchase equipment of all sorts to maintain the heat everywhere we are.

Sometimes it is just not enough. Or perhaps, no matter what we try, it is not EXACTLY the kind of heat we need.  

Snookiz LLC’s main agenda is to accurately utilize heat.  Meaning heating Personalization: Locally, Efficiently, Repeatedly.

All through our very own LavaTech Inside™ Technology. A special earth minerals mixture, natural substance, that is applied on textile. This allows the transformation of any textile fabric into microwave-heated product. We created an insert, fitted into any shoe, to allow you to heat a complex area of your body- your feet.  

Our goal is heating personalization- where you what it, when you want it and for as long as you want it- LavaTech Inside™ is the complete clear heating method you’re looking for.

No Grains, No Gels, No Batteries. 100% environmental friendly. Machine washable.